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Americano Intenso

Intense and full-bodied dark roast coffee. Enjoy with or without milk.
Intensity 7 /11

Flavor intensity: 7 of 12.
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Americano Intenso Dark Roast

The darkest roast in our entire range. Intensity: 7 out of 11.

Simply pop in the capsule and brew; for use exclusively in the NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Machines - not compatible with other single-serve capsule or pod coffee makers - shop Genio 2, Esperta 2, and Majesto coffee machines.

Create professional quality specialty beverages, coffees and espresso with a rich velvety crema thanks to the machine's high pressure.

Hermetically sealed capsules, for a rich and aromatic cup every time.

Our high-pressure machines (up to 15 bars) prepare professional quality coffees, with a dense, velvety crema.
Coffee freshness is preserved in our hermetically sealed capsules, for a rich and aromatic cup every time.
Take your pick from 15 high quality coffeehouse inspired creations, including espresso, smooth cappuccino, aromatic traditional coffees and hot chocolate.
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This is a strong coffee obviously. I am a medium roast fan. I received this with my dolce gusto. It is too strong for me.

Review by Cora (Posted on 2/22/2018)
Rich and Delicious

The grande intenso is incredibly flavorful. Its strange to use "buttery" to describe a coffee, but that is how I would describe it. The texture and aroma reminds me of a freshly baked Madeline cookie. Definitely one of my favorites!

Review by Jim Cooke (Posted on 10/9/2017)
My hubby's fav

We had the machine for some time and my hubby wasn't using it. One day I tried Grande Intenso and my husband completely switched machines to join me. Now every morning we both get a Dolce gusto, he gets his intense Grande Intenso huge cup and I prepare a lungo for me. All happy now

Review by Sheila (Posted on 10/6/2017)
Caffè Grande Intenso, the best coffee!

As I’m maturing I’ve grown to only like a full flavored and bold coffee. I’ve tried every black coffee Nescafe offers for my Genio, and by far this is the best tasting, with a lovely velvety crema. I add a little sugar and cream, but I’ve served it black to guests who rave about it. I brew it on level 7, one line above the suggested 6 and it’s perfect in every way. It’s also bold enough to make a great iced coffee; just fill a tall glass to the top with ice and brew it hot, over the ice. I highly recommend this coffee, and can’t believe no one’s reviewed it here! It’s the only one I buy now, besides espresso intenso. Check out my review on that.

Review by Linda (Posted on 8/24/2017)

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